A bistro with a distinctive positioning, where offerings are predominantly Indonesian, and with Taiwanese, Chinese, Italian and Australian influences.


Our bakery offers homemade hot-off-the oven breads, pastries, cakes and confectionery. We believe in being part of every celebratory moment by creating customised and unique cakes to mark the occasions.



At Niniq, we are sensitive to the needs of our customers and therefore customize our catering menu to suit each occasion. We provide unique offerings while ensuring the use of top grade quality ingredients.

Our Recommendations

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Niniq's all time famous creamy mushroom soup served with slices of garlic bread.

Ayam Goreng Platter

Indonesian Style Yellow Rice , Served with Fried Chicken, Belado Egg, Fried Tempe & Acar-Acar.

Classic Caesar Salad

Butter-head lettuce tossed in rice creamy salad dressings, topped with turkey bacon and shaved parmesan cheese.