About Us

Angela Ho started Niniq Bakery in 2004, baking in her own home and selling her special ‘milk toast’ to friends. With the encouragement of friends and family, in the following year, she started the bakery department to the family-run restaurant, Niniq Bistro. The bakery began to expand its range of baked goods to sweet buns and European style breads. And within a year, she introduced her line of innovative and indulgent cakes and desserts.

Angela Ho

Culinary Director

A self-trained patisserie, Angela discovered her passion for baking and derived her creative ideas from her multi-cultural Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean background. After studying and living in Australia for 6 years, where she obtained her degree in International Business & e-Commerce, she returned to Johor Bahru. After 3 years working in Marketing, she decided to return to her passion for baking, and combining her other passion in hospitality, a personality trait she believes she had inherited from her parents, she started Niniq Bakery in 2005.